医院概况 医院简介

The Affiliated University-Town Hospital of CQMU
    The Affiliated University-Town Hospital of CQMU,located next to the Jinyun Campus of Chongqing Medical University, is the one and only comprehensive public hospital in the Western New-Town of Chongqing. Founded in 2011, the Hospital is built to the 3A standard and is equipped with highly advanced devices and an innovative information system.  
    With 29 clinical departments and 400 beds by far, the Hospital aims at a capacity of 1000 beds in 2015. The Ophthalmology Department has the largest refraction surgery center in the New-Town, while the Psychology Department is home to the city’s first Mental Health Research Centre. By merging Dagongguan Clinic in 2011, the hospital is also dedicated in community healthcare and rehabilitation. 
    The University-Town Hospital is a pioneer in the industry to adopt the administration mode focusing on disease. Under the idea that all parts of the body are delicately connected, cross-disciplined doctors gather in each clinical center to deal with one disease and come up with a treatment plan that takes the wholesomeness of patients into consideration.
    As a teaching hospital of Chongqing Medical University, the University-Town Hospital has received full support from the university’s source of expertise, creating a strong team of experienced practitioners and devoted researchers. Within three years, it has attracted over 300 professionals, 43% of whom have received senior professional titles, and a large number of them are participating actively in top research programs nationwide.
    Equipped with the 16-slice CT scanner, the Digital X-ray sensor, the DSA device and numerous first-class medical devices, the hospital allows its staff to practice on the most advanced technologies and provide well-round treatments to all the patients.
    The patient experience is enhanced by the pleasant environment and modern facilities of the University-Town Hospital. Focusing on the wellbeing of the patients, the architecture adopts an eco-friendly and patient-oriented design. Natural scenery has been integrated into the modern accommodation, while disabled accessibility is well-considered throughout the buildings.
    Excelling in the industry, the telemedicine system based on the hospital’s data-sharing platform has integrated HIS, LIS, RIS, and EMR to enable the first-hand delivery of clinical data. 
    The network's facilities have embraced an electronic medical records system as the mobile workstation of both doctors and nurses can now be found in every ward of the Hospital. The tablets and PDAs have not just put traditional record sheets into history, but also significantly enhanced the efficiency of the staff, bringing patients’ experience into a brand new height.